Life Sciences Librarians & Staff Lauded by their Colleagues


UBC Life Sciences Librarians and Library Staff Lauded by their colleagues from around the province of British Columbia.

Charlotte Beck for Transition to EBSCO CINAHL: Reprogramming OVID saved searches and Truncation & Wildcard Symbols

Charlotte Beck, Dean Giustini and Teresa Lee, UBC for Evidence-Based Practice Clinical Question / Search Plan Worksheet

Jeremy Buhler, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies; Teresa Lee, UBC; Trina Fyfe, UNBC for UBC OvidSP MEDLINE Tutorial – UBC Library

Jeremy Buhler, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, UBC;Ellen George, UBC; Kimberley Hintz, UBC for The Guided Tour – UBC Library

Dean Giustini, UBC for UBC HealthLib-Wiki – A Knowledge-Base for Health Librarians

Katherine Kalsbeek, Sally Taylor & Suzan Zagar, UBC for Library Research Skills for Biologists

Teresa Lee, UBC for Article Indexes & Databases search worksheet

Much of this excellent work has been donated to the librarian community to use at their institutions by depositing it into ALPS LINK, part of the SOLR, BC Campus’ learning objects repository.

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