Charles Woodward Memorial Room now open for silent study

Charles Woodward Memorial Room photo

Woodward Library invites UBC students, staff, faculty and the community to use their newly-reopened Charles Woodward Memorial Room for silent study.

The Memorial Room joins other spaces at UBC Library available for group and individual study. A full listing of these spaces offered is available online.





Tapestries with a rich history

The room’s two tapestries come from France and have a colourful history. The “Master of the Spirit” tapestry (pictured above) depicts a wealth of characters including Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Victor Hugo, and William Shakespeare. A unique aspect of this tapestry is that the weaver suffered a stroke before completing it. The honeycomb pattern in the right bottom corner demonstrates the neurological consequences of the stroke.

Acquired in 1967, the “Masters of Science” tapestry  (pictured below) was donated by the late Mr. P.A. Woodward. The Memorial Room is named in honour of his father Charles, founder of the former department store which bore his name.

The text in French at the bottom of the tapestry reads: “En proie aux tourments de l’Inconnu ils entretiennent au long des ages le feu de la Recherche.” Its English translation is: “Tormented by the unknown, they keep the sacred fires of research burning throughout the ages.

Visit the Memorial Room to enjoy this silent study space with a warm ambience. Woodward Library is located at 2198 Health Sciences Mall at the UBC Vancouver campus.