On Display in the Memorial Room: “Wild observations: Canidae and felidae around the world”

“Wild observations: Canidae and felidae around the world” showcases a selection of books from Woodward Library’s collection. The books on display in Woodward Library’s Memorial Room answer questions like: how can you identify a tiger by its stripes, how have foxes adapted to urban life, and what’s a jaguarundi?

Running concurrently with cat and dog themed exhibits across multiple library branches, Woodward Library’s focus on wild members of the cat and dog families exhibits highlights of fossil history, genetics and conservation exploring what ties together species members worldwide. In addition to discussing the most urgent dangers to these animals, the items in “Wild observations” also show successful measures that have helped protect vulnerable species.

The Great Reads collection at Woodward will also get a cat-and-dog takeover on January 13th, with popular science and nonfiction books available to check out.

“Wild observations: Canidae and felidae around the world” will be on display in the Memorial Room at Woodward Library from January 6 to February 28, 2020. Additional cat and dog themed displays can be found at Rare Books and Special Collections, the David Lam Library, Koerner Library, and the Education Library.

-Chantal Lyons-Stevenson