Sleep Awareness Month: Check out 7 Sleepy Titles from Your Library!

You might know about St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, but have you heard of…World Sleep Day? This sleep awareness day falls on the third Friday of March, and was created by the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) and World Sleep Federation (WSF) to raise awareness on sleep’s impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. This year’s slogan: “sleep is essential for health.”

Celebrate World Sleep Day (or Sleep Awareness Month, which is all of March!) by picking up a sleepy read from this curated list. Most of the titles here are available electronically or in print from a UBC library!

Learn more about Sleep Awareness Month here:

1. Why we sleep : unlocking the power of sleep and dreams

TED Talk-famous sleep scientist Dr. Matthew Walker gives an overview of all the sleep basics, from evolutionary roots to contemporary theories. Learn more about this ubiquitous yet mysterious night-time behaviour!

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2. Sleep, health, and society : from aetiology to public health

This Oxford textbook summarizes epidemiological evidence that links poor sleep with chronic health conditions, and also discusses strategies to prevent widespread sleep deprivation from a population and public health perspective.

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3. The sleep fix : practical, proven, and surprising solutions for insomnia, snoring, shift work, and more

ABC news anchor Diane Macedo gives a candid account on how insomnia had affected her fast-paced schedule, and offers practical solutions tailored to various types of insomnia and different kinds of sleepless minds.

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4. The interpretation of dreams

Curious, contemplative, and controversial, the Interpretation of Dreams is arguably what earned Sigmund Freud the title “father of modern psychology.”

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5. A treatise on the incubus, or night-mare, disturbed sleep, terrific dreams and nocturnal visions

If you sleep on your back, beware: a sluggish, inactive constitution is the perfect entryway for incubi! That is, according to John Augustine Waller, author of the 1816 treatise on the incubus, or “night-mare.” Read about early attempts at understanding sleep through a scientific lens!

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6. Sleep donation

In a world where insomnia is a widespread epidemic, Trish Edgewater of the non-profit Slumber Corps’ recruits healthy sleepers to donate their sleep in a desperate Sleep Drive. This novella is a witty and imaginative treat for insomniacs and potential sleep donors alike.

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7. Paprika

In a near-future world where a small device allows licensed therapists to enter and alter the dreams of their patients, things get complicated when the device is stolen by an unknown party. Often suggested to be the inspiration behind Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Satoshi Kon’s award-winning animated film Paprika is a feast for the eyes.

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