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UBC ECE and CMC Microsystems Open new Adaptive Microsystems Lab

The UBC Faculty of Applied Science and CMC Microsystems have opened an innovative new microsystems research lab called the Adaptive Microsystems Laboratory, or “AdaMist”. The facility is now part of the nation-wide Embedded Systems Canada (emSYSCAN) initiative.

emSYSCAN is a five-year project worth over $50 million, and involves more than 350 university researchers spread across 37 Canadian institutions. The emSYSCAN infrastructure shortens the microsystem development cycle, leading to rapid commercialization, publication, and training of highly qualified personnel within a national and international multidisciplinary research environment.

More information – https://www.ece.ubc.ca/news/201307/apsc-and-cmc-microsystems-open-new-adaptive-microsystems-lab


On this day in Math – August 1, 1767


Courtesy of MAA:

Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon finished drawing what some describe as “the world’s longest straight line.” Actually two straight lines, it forms parts of the boundaries between the U.S. states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. 

More information about: 
Mason-Dixon Line

Image credits – http://www.flickr.com/photos/padraics_travels/


Embase(Ovid) Database Notice

Embase™ Database Notice

Dear Ovid Customer:

Elsevier has recently notified us that over the next few weeks Embase Customers will see a considerably large amount of records in their daily update. During this time period they will be importing up to 15,000 MEDLINE® (non-Embase) records per day.

Please note, this is not a database reload. You should not need to rerun any AutoAlerts and depending on the search strategy specified in your AutoAlerts you may find a higher than expected number of records in your results due to these new MEDLINE® records. No additional action is required.

If you have any questions, please contact Ovid Customer Support at support@ovid.com.


Wolters Kluwer Health – Ovid

Upcoming changes at BC Children’s and Women’s Health Centre (Hamber) Library and St. Paul’s Hospital Library

IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes at BC Children’s and Women’s Health Centre (Hamber) Library and St. Paul’s Hospital Library: Announcement | FAQs:

Upcoming Feb 2013 Workshops at Woodward Library

Library workshops are for everyone!

February 1 –  PubMed
February 1 –  Keeping Current with Research
February 6 –  Web of Science

February 7 –  Compendex
February 12 – PsycInfo
February 14 – Advanced Medline
February 27 – Compendex

For details & registration, please see this link —

Upcoming Library Workshops Jan and Feb 2013

The following workshops are offered in January and February 2013.

January 23, 2013 –  Health Databases Beyond Medline
January 24, 2013 –  RefWorks
January 31, 2013 –  RefWorks
February 1, 2013 –  Keeping Current with Research
February 6, 2013 –  Web of Science
February 14, 2013 – Advanced Medline

For details & registration, please see this link —

Welcome Science & Engineering to Woodward Library

On December 14, all Science & Engineering librarians and staff relocated from the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre to Woodward Libraryphone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. This move will provide easy access to the combined expertise of Science & Engineering and Woodward librarians and staff.

Faculty and students should note that Science & Engineering Reserve materials, Reference materials and Current Journals (all excluding Math, Statistics and Computer Science materials with QA call numbers) are now in Woodward Library. The remaining Science & Engineering books will be available in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre until they are moved in Spring 2013.

Although physical collections moves are ongoing, the Library catalogue remains up-to-date, and access to electronic journals and our digital collections remains unchanged.

For updates, please visit the Library Changes section or contact Aleteia Greenwood, who will be Acting Head of the Woodward Library effective January 1 – December 31, 2013.


Learn to use our new resources!

November 13 – Anatomy TV (Primal Pictures)

Learn to use this new & exciting resource to use in courses & to test yourself! Register at:



November 14 – Ebooks, focus on EBRARY

November 15 – RefWorks

November 20 – Keeping Current with Research


For details & registration, please see this link —


Invitation to Open UBC Events October 31st & November 1st

Open access,  Open science,  Open data & more!

This year’s Open UBC events will be held October 31 to November 1, 2012, in conjunction with UBC’s Celebrate Learning Week.

UBC is once again participating in the International Open Access Week event.  Our event, called Open UBC, showcases two days of diverse events highlighting areas of open scholarship that UBC’s researchers, faculty, students and staff participate in as well as guests from the global community. Themes this year include: open education, open research, open access in the arts, open science, open data, and altmetrics  (alternative metrics). These events include discussion forums, lectures, seminars, workshops, and symposia on topical and timely issues from every discipline.

All of these events are FREE and open to the public, students, faculty, staff and schools.

Highlights include:

*Dieter Stein, Professor at Heinrich-Heine-University, on the impact of open access on scientific discourse.
*Heather Piwowar, postdoc with DataONE & Dryad digital repository, on open data & alternative metrics for calculating research impact factors.
*Daniel Pauly & other UBC faculty on open science.

For a complete schedule of events please see: http://scholcomm.ubc.ca/openubc

All sessions will be held in the Lillooet Room (301) of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC unless otherwise stated.  For more information about the events contact: ubc-oaweek@interchange.ubc.ca.

Upcoming October Workshops

Need some new tricks? We have lots to share!

*For students & researchers & community:

October 11 & 18 – Medline OvidSP
October 19 – Keeping Current with Research
October 25 – Finding Systematic Reviews

For details & registration, please see this link —


*For instructors & assistants:

October 19, 23, 26, 30 – New Course Reserve System!

For more information, please see this link —


*For graduate students:

A series of events on thesis formatting, citation support, and
interdisciplinary research is offered by the Research Commons.

Please see this link —