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Science Literacy Week 2020: Woodward Library Book Recommendations

Science Literacy Week 2020: Woodward Library Book Recommendations

To celebrate Science Literacy Week, the Woodward/BMB Library team is sharing brief reviews of some of our favourite books on this year’s theme, biodiversity.   Braiding sweetgrass: Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants┬áby Robin Wall Kimmerer Braiding Sweetgrass beautifully blends personal stories with knowledge from many sources, asks questions, and prompts readers […]

Portrait of Sherrington

Sir Charles Sherrington Portrait

Sir Charles Scott Sherrington Portrait 1857-1952 Plaque Charles Scott SherringtonO.M., G.B.E. F.R.S., M.D.Physician – Poet – Philosopher and Friend of U.B.C.Portrait by R.G. EvesPresented by Carr Sherrington and family

Close up of the Norman Bethune tapestry

Norman Bethune Tapestry

This tapestry shows Canadian surgeon, Dr. Norman Bethune, operating in a little Buddist temple. He was assisting the 8th Route Army in 1939.

Florence Nightingale

Manuscripts: Florence Nightingale Letters

A collection of letters written by and to Florence Nightingale.

Photo of Charles D. Darwin from UBC Archives Photograph Collection

Manuscripts: Charles Darwin

Two collections of letters, written to and by Charles Darwin.

UBC Woodward Library acquired two collections containing letters to and from Charles Darwin, the well-known evolutionary biologist and originator of the concept of natural selection.

Infant Feeding Pot from around 300 B.C.

Infant Feeders Collection

While there is nothing resembling a museum in the Memorial Room area, there is a modest collection of artifacts. Notable among these are infant feeders, largely the gift of Miss Alice Wright of Vancouver. There are some sets of older surgical instruments and a few nineteenth century microscopes and pharmaceutical kits.

Image of Vesalius


The first major acquisition of historical medical material occurred in 1963 when a grant from the Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward Foundation enabled the University to purchase a well-chosen collection of rare medical books from Dr. C.D. Leake.

Photo of Dr. William Webber

Dr. William Webber

Dr. Webber was an undergraduate and medical student at UBC (class of ’58). He went on to be a Professor of Anatomy and Dean of the Medical School at UBC.

Photo of Dr. William Gibson

Dr. William Gibson

Dr. Gibson arrived at UBC in 1949 where he became professor of neurological research. From 1963 he was professor of the history of medicine and science.

Photo of Dr. Sydney Friedman

Dr. Sydney Friedman

Dr. Friedman arrived at UBC as Professor of Anatomy in 1950 where he stayed for his entire career.