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Hope in a Time of Climate Change

Hope in a Time of Climate Change This booklist begins with books written by many, bringing together strong climate voices from different places, fields, and communities to explore what hope means in a time of climate change. You’ll find books that explore the words we use, the solutions we focus on, the stories we tell, […]

Miniature Microscope in box

300 Year Anniversary – Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723)

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723) Van Leeuwenhoek, revered as the Father of Microbiology, was a Dutch microbiologist best known for developing the microscope. Born to a basket maker and raised without much scientific education, van Leeuwenhoek apprenticed for a linen draper in Amsterdam and eventually opened his own draper’s shop. His interest in developing microscopic lens […]

Sir Charles Sherrington Exhibit

Sir Charles Sherrington Exhibit

2022 marks several anniversaries in Sherrington’s life. This display commemorates the 90th anniversary (1932) of receiving the Nobel Prize for physiology and the 70th anniversary of his death in 1952. The exhibit features a replica of his Nobel Prize and the top hat he wore to the ceremony. The display includes a chronology of his […]

Photo of Harry Hawthorn

Harry Hawthorn Collection

Cabinets funded from the Haig Brown (1908-1976) endowment house a selection of the Harry Hawthorn Foundation collection of books on fly-fishing. The cabinets include 3 sets of hand tied flies, other fishing paraphernalia and five full-scale salmon carvings by Thomas Brayshaw (1886-1967) and one steelhead trout carving. The Brayshaw salmon carvings feature Chinook, Chum, Pink, Sockeye, and […]

History of Medicine Exhibits – Summer 2022

History of Medicine Exhibits – Summer 2022

A History Of House Calls and Medicine Making In the past, if you were unfortunate enough to be sick, you probably would not have visited the doctor’s office. Instead, the doctor would have come to you! Until the mid-20th century, house calls were a common medical practice. Doctors would visit their ill patients in their […]

And there’s the humor of it: Shakespeare and the four humors

And there’s the humor of it: Shakespeare and the four humors

The exhibition featured additional materials from UBC Library’s collections to explore related topics, such as Shakespearean theatre in British Columbia and Shakespeare in children’s literature. Collection highlights included: the second edition folio of Shakespeare’s complete works (1807), first editions of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene (1590), John Donne’s Poems (1633), and George Herbert’s The Temple (1633), […]

Tapestry Masters of Science

Masters of Science Tapestry

Tapestry History This tapestry, worked in 1948 in a special workshop opened at Colombes particularly for the weaving of several models representing different scenes such as: Masters of Science–Masters of the Spirit– Springtime–Water and Fire–The Harvest–The Dance–The Chase. The workshop at Colombes was directed by M Guillaume Janneau, administrator of the Gobelin tapestry works. Numerous designs […]

Masters of the Spirit Tapestry

Masters of the Spirit Tapestry

A Neurological Tapestry: Some time ago the Journal published a description of a modern French tapestry, “Masters of Science,” which hangs in the Woodward Biomedical Library of the University of British Columbia

Portrait of Sherrington

Sir Charles Sherrington Portrait

Sir Charles Scott Sherrington Portrait 1857-1952 Plaque Charles Scott SherringtonO.M., G.B.E. F.R.S., M.D.Physician – Poet – Philosopher and Friend of U.B.C.Portrait by R.G. EvesPresented by Carr Sherrington and family

Close up of the Norman Bethune tapestry

Norman Bethune Tapestry

This tapestry shows Canadian surgeon, Dr. Norman Bethune, operating in a little Buddist temple. He was assisting the 8th Route Army in 1939.