HLWIKI Canada Reaches 1.3 Million Views

Since February 2009, HLWIKI Canada has had 1.3 million views. I find that number astonishing but it tells me that we are on the right path with the wiki’s development.

As many of you know, I have worked on the wiki since 2006 but increasingly since about 2008-2009 when the total content in the wiki doubled. In early 2011, HLWIKI Canada has just under 600 pages of content in three main areas: Health librarianship, Social media (web 2.0), and Collaboration 2.0. I welcome you to take at the range and depth of the content we offer.

Some of the most-consulted files are:

Apple iPhone3GS for physicians 24,392
Point of care decision-making tools – Overview 16,272
H1N1 (Human Swine Flu) in Canada – Information Sources 12,504
Evidence-based health care 12,206
Evidence-based web 2.0 8,828
Systematic review searching 8,628
Google scholar bibliography 8,100
Web 2.0 7,800
Grey literature 7,284

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