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  • Graphic Novels are Great Reads
    Did you know that Woodward has a collection of graphic novels? Perhaps graphic novels, which are long form comics, are not the format most of us associate with a science library. The use of illustrated materials to convey complex topics is a way to challenge dominant methods of scholarship by diversifying the perspectives heard and, in this case, seen. Comics and graphic novels have long been […]
  • Katie meets Katherine: How Land & Food Systems students are supported by the UBC Library
    Meet Katie Koralesky, PhD candidate in the Animal Welfare Program at UBC, Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Katie joined the Animal Welfare Program because of the program’s research focus not only on animals, but also on the people who care for animals in different settings. Katie learned about Katherine Miller, Reference Librarian at Woodward Library after taking one of the many online workshops offered by the […]
  • “Listening to the Earth”: Oral histories of life in a changing climate
    We are in the midst of a climate crisis. Report after report demonstrate how human actions are impacting our planet. These changes bring major consequences for many of the species we share this planet with. Unless we act now, many of the organisms we live alongside today may not be around for our children or our children’s children. In the face of these threats, how do […]
  • Woodward Library Online
    We know, we know, you hear this over and over again, but we have to say it here: the pandemic has changed everything. Whether you’re studying, teaching or working from home, we have all been forced to learn new ways of getting tasks done within the confines of the digital world. And with UBC’s recent announcement that most courses will probably remain remote this Summer, it […]
  • Science Literacy Week 2020: Woodward Library Book Recommendations
    To celebrate Science Literacy Week, the Woodward/BMB Library team is sharing brief reviews of some of our favourite books on this year’s theme, biodiversity.   Braiding sweetgrass: Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer Braiding Sweetgrass beautifully blends personal stories with knowledge from many sources, asks questions, and prompts readers to learn from plants and Indigenous teachings. Reading Braiding Sweetgrass for […]