• Fuelling hope to face the climate emergency
    This Climate Action Week, explore resources that inspire hope about mitigating climate change, and ease climate anxiety: UBC Geography faculty member Simon Donner’s TEDx talk, Why Our Imaginations are the Key to Solving Climate Change […]
  • Systematic & Scoping Reviews Workshop Series Recordings Now Available
    Did you miss our recent 3-part workshop series on how to do systematic and scoping reviews? No worries – you can watch the recordings and review the slides on our research guide. Part 1: Getting […]
  • Sir Charles Sherrington Exhibit
    2022 marks several anniversaries in Sherrington’s life. This display commemorates the 90th anniversary (1932) of receiving the Nobel Prize for physiology and the 70th anniversary of his death in 1952. The exhibit features a replica […]
  • Harry Hawthorn Collection
    Cabinets funded from the Haig Brown (1908-1976) endowment house a selection of the Harry Hawthorn Foundation collection of books on fly-fishing. The cabinets include 3 sets of hand tied flies, other fishing paraphernalia and five full-scale salmon […]
  • History of Medicine Exhibits – Summer 2022
    A History Of House Calls and Medicine Making In the past, if you were unfortunate enough to be sick, you probably would not have visited the doctor’s office. Instead, the doctor would have come to […]
  • Climate Justice Resources for Climate Emergency Week 2022
    On February 14-18, UBC will hold its first Climate Change Emergency Week to mark the anniversary of the UBC Board of Governor’s endorsement of the Climate Emergency Task Force Report and Recommendations. The Sustainability Hub, […]
  • Light Therapy Lamps at Woodward and BMB Library
    The slush and ice are finally going away, but it might be a longer wait for the sunshine to be back. Whether you are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or experience the winter blues […]
  • And there’s the humor of it: Shakespeare and the four humors
    The exhibition featured additional materials from UBC Library’s collections to explore related topics, such as Shakespearean theatre in British Columbia and Shakespeare in children’s literature. Collection highlights included: the second edition folio of Shakespeare’s complete […]
  • Masters of Science Tapestry
    Tapestry History This tapestry, worked in 1948 in a special workshop opened at Colombes particularly for the weaving of several models representing different scenes such as: Masters of Science–Masters of the Spirit– Springtime–Water and Fire–The […]
  • Masters of the Spirit Tapestry
    A Neurological Tapestry: Some time ago the Journal published a description of a modern French tapestry, “Masters of Science,” which hangs in the Woodward Biomedical Library of the University of British Columbia
  • Graphic Novels are Great Reads
    Did you know that Woodward has a collection of graphic novels? Perhaps graphic novels, which are long form comics, are not the format most of us associate with a science library. The use of illustrated […]
  • Katie meets Katherine: How Land & Food Systems students are supported by the UBC Library
    Meet Katie Koralesky, PhD candidate in the Animal Welfare Program at UBC, Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Katie joined the Animal Welfare Program because of the program’s research focus not only on animals, but […]
  • “Listening to the Earth”: Oral histories of life in a changing climate
    We are in the midst of a climate crisis. Report after report demonstrate how human actions are impacting our planet. These changes bring major consequences for many of the species we share this planet with. […]
  • Woodward Library Online
    We know, we know, you hear this over and over again, but we have to say it here: the pandemic has changed everything. Whether you’re studying, teaching or working from home, we have all been […]
  • Science Literacy Week 2020: Woodward Library Book Recommendations
    To celebrate Science Literacy Week, the Woodward/BMB Library team is sharing brief reviews of some of our favourite books on this year’s theme, biodiversity.   Braiding sweetgrass: Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of […]
  • Sir Charles Sherrington Portrait
    Sir Charles Scott Sherrington Portrait 1857-1952 Plaque Charles Scott SherringtonO.M., G.B.E. F.R.S., M.D.Physician – Poet – Philosopher and Friend of U.B.C.Portrait by R.G. EvesPresented by Carr Sherrington and family
  • Norman Bethune Tapestry
    This tapestry shows Canadian surgeon, Dr. Norman Bethune, operating in a little Buddist temple. He was assisting the 8th Route Army in 1939.
  • Manuscripts: Florence Nightingale Letters
    A collection of letters written by and to Florence Nightingale.
  • Manuscripts: Charles Darwin
    Two collections of letters, written to and by Charles Darwin. UBC Woodward Library acquired two collections containing letters to and from Charles Darwin, the well-known evolutionary biologist and originator of the concept of natural selection.
  • Infant Feeders Collection
    While there is nothing resembling a museum in the Memorial Room area, there is a modest collection of artifacts. Notable among these are infant feeders, largely the gift of Miss Alice Wright of Vancouver. There are some sets of older surgical instruments and a few nineteenth century microscopes and pharmaceutical kits.