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The UBC Biomedical Branch (BMB) Library is located in the Diamond Health Care Centre at the corner of Oak and 12th Avenue, on floor 2.

After hours: UBC Library’s Biomedical Branch (BMB) at the Diamond Health Care Centre (DHCC) provides 24X7 access to authorized users only.

Library services:

  • In-person Library services, including use of library computers, scanning, printing, and copying are available.
  • For assistance with library research, please contact Dean Giustini, UBC Biomedical Librarian at dean.giustini@ubc.ca
  • For questions about services, please contact Sally Taylor, Head Librarian, Woodward and BMB Libraries at sally.taylor@ubc.ca

After hours access:

  • After hours access is provided to UBC FoM Medical Education Program Students & Residents and DHCC staff. 
  • A valid VGH ID card or access card is required to access the BMB Library on Floor 2 of the DHCC.
  • To obtain swipe card authorization - you need a valid UBC or VGH identification and access card.
  • Contact your department or BGIS in the DHCC to enable your swipe card access to the building and library after hours.
  • UBC Faculty of Medicine (FoM) Medical Education Program Students & Residents and DHCC staff are required to present their identification to BGIS to have their cards programmed accordingly.
  • DHCC Policy states that Photo ID must be worn and visible when on the premises.
  • Please direct any enquiries concerning pass access to the BGIS Help Desk (604) 875-5830.

source: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Library:BMB_After_Hours


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  • UBC Biomedical Branch Library
  • Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre
  • 2775 Laurel Street, Floor 2
  • Vancouver, BC
  • V5Z 1M9

source: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Library:BMB_Branch_Widget