BC Flora and Fauna Field Guides

Have you ever wondered what that mushroom was that you saw in Pacific Spirit Park? Or wanted to know what animals you should be aware of before trekking in Strathcona?

Fields guides are amazing resources that provide detailed information about different flora and fauna. This information can include images, scientific classifications, habitats and/or ecosystems, and how one can view or enjoy the species. Woodward Library has many such guides in our collection, and many focused on British Columbia! Explore the sections below to find field guides on all the wildlife of our beautiful province:

General Guides

Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest

Rocky Mountain Nature Guide

Nature Guide to the Victoria Region

Animal Tracks of British Columbia

Oceans, Lakes & Rivers – Plants and Animals

Reptiles & Amphibians

Amphibians of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia

Amphibians and Reptiles of British Columbia

The Reptiles of British Columbia

Birds & Bats

The Birds of British Columbia

Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

All About Birds Northwest

The Birds of Vancouver Island’s West Coast

The Bats of British Columbia

Bugs & Insects

Bugs of British Columbia

Pacific Northwest Insects

A Field Guide to Insects of the Pacific Northwest

Introducing the Dragonflies of British Columbia and the Yukon

Butterflies of British Columbia

Land Mammals & Mollusks

Mammals of the Rocky Mountains

Hoofed Mammals of British Columbia

Rodents & Lagomorphs of British Columbia

Land Snails of British Columbia


The Flora and Fauna of Coastal British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

Plants of the Rocky Mountains

Mountain Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Plants of Northern British Columbia

Plants of Southern Interior British Columbia

Trees & Shrubs of British Columbia

Trees & Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest

Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers to Know in British Columbia

Mosses, Lichen & Ferns of Northwest North America


A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

Northwest Mountain Wildflowers

Coastal Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

Lewis Clark’s Field Guide to Wild Flowers of the Sea Coast in the Pacific Northwest

Coastal Beauty: Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs of Coastal British Columbia and Vancouver Island

Uncommon Beauty: Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs of Southern Alberta and Southeastern British Columbia


Mushrooms of British Columbia

Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

To take part in an ongoing citizen science project about mushroom identification, visit iNaturalist!

Edible Plants & Foraging

Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples

Food Plants of Interior First Peoples

Wild Harvest: Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Edible and Medicinal Flora of the West Coast

Northwestern Wild Berries

Pacific Northwest Foraging