Celebrate Science Literacy Week!



Come and celebrate science at Woodward Library and at other venues on campus and around town! In its second year, Science Literacy Week (September 21-27, 2015) has gone nation-wide with 100 participating institutions from nearly 50 cities!

What’s going on at Woodward Library?

  • Robots! 3D printing! Biological specimens!
    Drop by Thursday 3:00-4:30pm for some hands-on science with folks from the Beaty MuseumEngineering Physics, Open Robotics and UBC Rapid.
  • Fascinating science documentaries! Bring your lunch and watch a movie in the Sherrington room (daily 12-1pm).
    Monday – Dirt! the movie
    Tuesday – Gone sideways: serendipity in science
    Wednesday – Planet Earth
    Thursday – Smarty plants: uncovering the secret world of plant behaviour
    Friday – Fractals: hunting the hidden dimension
  • Great Reads! Discover the science books that have inspired UBC Faculty. Better yet, borrow one!
  • Why do you love science?! Tell us why on the whiteboard.

What’s going on around campus?

What’s going on around town?