Oral History of the Faculty of Medicine

  • Dr. Albert Cox
    Dr. Cox recounts his experiences as a member of the first medical class at UBC.
  • Dr. Albert Knudsen
    Dr. Knudsen was in the first medical class at UBC. He organized the class reunions every 5 years.
  • Dr. Alexander Boggie
    Dr. Boggie was in UBC’s first medical class, 1950-1954. After working for several years as a General Practitioner, he joined the Family Practice Dept. at UBC, also becoming Associate Dean of Admissions to the Medical School.
  • Dr. Claude Dolman
    From 1935-1971, Dr. Dolman was a professor of bacteriology, preventive medicine and immunology at UBC.
  • Dr. Donald H. Williams
    Dr. Donald H. Williams Interviewed September, 1985 Int.: Dr. Williams, to begin with could you tell us when you got involved with the Faculty of Medicine? What year were you first involved in what was… Read more: Dr. Donald H. Williams
  • Dr. Geoffrey Clement Andrew
    Dr. Geoffrey Clement Andrew Interviewed May, 1985 Int.: Professor Andrew, perhaps we could begin with your explaining a little bit about your role in the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine? G.A.: Well, I came… Read more: Dr. Geoffrey Clement Andrew
  • Dr. George B. Elliott
    George Elliott was a former chief of surgical pathology at Vancouver General Hospital. He also worked for many years for the BC Provincial Health Department.
  • Dr. Harold Copp
    Dr. Copp describes the early teaching years; the BC Medical Centre; inter-faculty relations; the second Dean John Patterson and the integrated teaching experiment; the new medical sciences buildings; the huts and the Wesbrook Building
  • Dr. James G. Foulkes
    Dr. Foulkes was recruited to UBC as a Professor of Pharmacology in 1957 and remained for the rest of his career.
  • Dr. Norman MacKenzie
    MacKenzie, at 92, discusses his early career, the formation of the medical faculty and school, and the obstacles encountered.
  • Dr. Ray Parkinson
    Dr. Parkinson was a member of the first medical class. He later practiced psychiatry in Vancouver.
  • Dr. Robert Bens Kerr
    Dr. Kerr joined UBC in 1950 as Professor of Medicine and Head of the Department of Medicine.
  • Dr. Rocke Robertson
    Dr. Robertson studied medicine at McGill and served as the first Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Shaughnessy Hospital and Chief of Surgery at Vancouver General Hospital. On a few occasions he was Acting Dean of the UBC medical school. In 1959, he moved to Montreal where he continued his medical and academic career.
  • Dr. Sidney H. Zbarsky
    Dr. Zbarsky joined UBC in 1949 from the University of Minnesota. He was a professor in the Department of Biochemistry for his whole career.
  • Dr. Sydney Friedman
    Dr. Friedman arrived at UBC as Professor of Anatomy in 1950 where he stayed for his entire career.
  • Dr. William Gibson
    Dr. Gibson arrived at UBC in 1949 where he became professor of neurological research. From 1963 he was professor of the history of medicine and science.
  • Dr. William Webber
    Dr. Webber was an undergraduate and medical student at UBC (class of ’58). He went on to be a Professor of Anatomy and Dean of the Medical School at UBC.
  • Gordon Crossen
    Mr Crossen was a general laboratory assistant for the medical school and anatomy research labs, 1950-1984